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“Having a VA has completely saved my life. It’s removed all my unnecessary complications like understanding Japanese paperwork (nightmare!) and saves me SOOO much time.

My VA is also extremely reliable and has a really quick turnaround time, and I don’t have to worry about chasing or following up because she does it all. A VA is for you if you want an easier life!”

AJ Tee – Entrepreneur

“Having a VA has made my life so much easier! From small everyday tasks and phone calls to longer and more complicated jobs, knowing my VA is always there to help me out and support me is a relief. Regardless of one’s Japanese level, I wholeheartedly recommend getting a VA. I’ve always had phone anxiety even in English, so having someone do it for me means I can relax and it saves me so much time and worry!

As a professional artist I also often have slightly unusual tasks, but my VA is so flexible, fast and ready to learn about and help with anything.♡ I’m also far too chatty and she is so kind and puts up with my messages every day!

A huge thank you to my VA for saving me so much stress. I would absolutely recommend VA Japan to all of my friends.”

MJ – Illustrator