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    Emergency Contact Service for Renting an Apartment in Japan

    When renting an apartment in Japan, you will be required to provide an emergency contact in Japan – ideally, someone who lives in Japan and speaks Japanese.

    However, when you first move to Japan, you might not know a Japanese speaker to be your emergency contact.

    While you can always ask your company, sometimes they’ll refuse to be put as an emergency contact. An acquaintance might not be able to help either.

    It may seem like not a big deal because an emergency contact has no legal obligation, but no one wants a phone call from someone if you’re unreachable.

    Virtual Assist Japan can help with providing an emergency contact in Japan for renting an apartment.

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    Step 2. Apply

    You will submit the required information including Japan mobile phone number and a copy of your ID. After signing a contract, you’ll be pared with an emergency contact person.

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    Step 3. Ready to go

    You will pay the fee online. You will receive the emergency contact information.

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    Emergency Contact Services
    at Virtual Assist Japan

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    At Virtual Assist Japan, our mission is to make your Japan life simpler and in order to do that, it’s important to note a few things that help us just do it.

    ・One month contract; one rental application/contract is covered.

    ・The emergency contact person to be provided is
    – Japanese national (female)
    – Full name, birth year/month/date
    – address in Tokyo, mobile phone number
    – Relationship: Acquaintance

    *No ID of the emergency contact person will be provided.

    ・The real estate company or guarantor company might call the emergency contact person to verify emergency contact information. In that case, she confirms it over the phone.

    ・If the real estate company or guarantor company calls the emergency contact for other reasons, you shall be notified for any update by email.

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